Welcome to our Website.   Live from beautiful Kansas City, USA. Okay the banner photo doesn't look like MIssouri.  Physically we live here - mentally we live in the photo. 

We are loving our whole new suburban life in the Lees Summit community here in KC.  After living in Midtown Atlanta, GA it is most wonderful to have lots of space in the house - complete with storage in the basement.  This means no more offsite storage at $120 a month.  We are happy as clams to be back home in KC so life is good - not of course as good as the photo - but pretty darn good.  

While Julie is a hip stylish wife, Tim is well . . . a nerd.  Julie might spend her Saturday at Ann Taylor, Tim is more likely spending his time at Best Buy or Radio Shack or updating his blog at http://www.timpfohl.com/.  Bailey spends her time dreaming up the next con so she can get some more dog treats from someone.  She will also go for carrots in a big way.  She has very refined tastes - anything that is food will do just fine.   Check out the Bailey Blog to see what Bailey's been up to lately.

6 weeks and counting before we leave for our next big adventure...a cruise to South America.  Julie is monitoring Cruise Critic and learning about all the ports we will go to.  The excursions are not quite like the Caribbean - it is more like going to see Penguins and looking at grass and trees.  So kick back while you are here and enjoy the pictures and Bailey Blog.  Thanks for coming by.